Dr. Holland Lectured at UC Irvine Medical School's OB/Gyn Grand Rounds
Dr. Holland's January 2015 lecture covered collection of cord blood, rapid processing and long-term storage under liquid nitrogen for optimal viability and recovery for use in regenerative medicine and cell therapy.

Dr. Holland Lectured at Lodi Memorial Hospital at their Monthly Staff Meeting
Dr. Holland lectured on the new oral anticoagulants and how to treat patients on them who have serious bleeding and need to undergo invasive procedures in January 2015.

Dr. Holland Lectured to House Staff at San Joaquin General Hospital
Dr. Holland spoke at the monthly house staff meeting of San Joaquin General Hospital in January 2015 on the appropriate use of blood components using several case presentations.

Dr. Holland Addresses Couples Club in Rossmoor
Dr. Holland gave a presentation entitled, "Alaska, Salmon and a Blood Banker" to the 30s/40s/50s Club of Rossmoor in January 2015.

Dr. Holland Addressed Taiwan Obstetricians and Oncologists
Dr. Holland's presentation, "Potential of Cord Blood Stem Cells" was given in September 2014 in Taipei, Taiwan.

Dr. Holland Lectured at Delta Blood Bank's Quarterly Hospital Staff Meeting
Dr. Holland lectured at the December 2014 Delta Blood Bank Quarterly Hospital Staff Meeting. He presented talks given at the annual aaBB meeting on Hepatitis E virus, Chikungunya virus and Denge viruses as new transfusion transmissible agents.

Dr. Holland Received a Volunteer Clinical Faculty Award from the UC Davis Medical Center
Dr. Holland received a Volunteer Clinical Faculty award from the UC Davis Medical Center. Two of 1,400 volunteer clinical faculty were given awards for the first time at a special reception hosted by the Dean of the UC Davis Medical School. The Department of Pathology nominated Dr. Holland for his ongoing teaching efforts to students, house staff and fellows.